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Fluid, The Clubhouse

Indulgence is Wonderful

Leisure is pleasure by the lakeside clubhouse

A perfect setting in the mesmerising double height glass structure, where opulence meets ecstasy, where dining is no less than a boat ride!

Welcome to Fluid, The Clubhouse of TDI LakeGrove, and indulge as much as to your heart's content in assorted spellbound avenues, in the tranquil vicinity of LakeGrove.

  • Rejuvenating spa
  • Lively lakeside cafĂ©
  • Enthralling boat dining
  • Beautiful swimming pool
  • Luxurious open lounge
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Exciting games (indoor and outdoor)
  • Multipurpose activity hall for parties, games, yoga and aerobics
  • Vibrant kids play area